La Roche Posay - Effaclar line review

LA ROCHE POSAY EFFACLAR LINE REVIEW Most of you will know my unconditional love for La Roche Posay products (you can read my review on the top 4 best products I love here ) It is about those products where the results creep up on you. There’s been times where I’ve been without it for[...]

Teeth Whitening Strips review

Ok guys, I admit, I am a big time coffee and tea drinker especially in the morning, so my teeth were stained a little yellow but nothing too bad. I decided to give these a try not expecting results but I was pleasantly surprised with their efficacy after a few applications.  I previously had professional tooth[...]

Bioderma Hydrabio Serum review

It’s October guys, can’t believe it. I’m from Bucharest where it’s typically warm this time of the year, but I was so wrong. So, I needed to change my routine or my skin would dry fast. I heard so many good and also bad things about this serum from Bioderma, the Hydrabio Serum and I[...]

Top 4 best products La Roche Posay for oily skin

If you have oily and acne-prone skin, you’ve probably searched for the ‘best remedy’. Picking out what really works can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re looking for a simple and natural solution. Not to mention, when it comes to this skin problem a big role playing has the stress and the pollution. Top[...]