Olaplex no.3 home treatment Review

Olaplex no.3 home treatment


Diamonds are forever but damaged hair hopefully not. Dry, dull, dehydrated hair can happen to all of us. In fact, I had to deal with all these for a few years. The lack of softness and the shine made me feel not so confident. It takes a lot of effort to restore the healthy hair. There are different home remedies that can bring back life to your hair.Among them, the most effective one is the hot oil because it can bring such a miraculous change to your hair. It restores moisture and brings back the shine of the hair but it takes a few weeks for it to see the results.But, I needed to get my hair back on track fast for my friend’s wedding and I used Olaplex no.3 home treatment. Olaplex no.3 home treatment

The biggest DIY is definetely dying your hair by yourself at home. Extreme hair color changes may require MULTIPLE processes, which are best left to a salon colorist who knows how to minimize damage.Well, I didn’t go to a hairstylist for a change in color and instead dyed my hair. The results? Dry, damaged and you can add more on the list.

Olaplex no.3 home treatment

After hearing and reading loads of fabulous reviews about this product I was desperate to give it a try to see what the hype was all about and I was pleased to see that Nordstrom had restocked it.

When I got my hands on Olaplex I dampened my hair, towel dried it a little bit, combed it and then applied the product. I thought they got me a wrong bottle since it was so small but then I checked it again and it was ok, might have to do an eye-check.

Since my hair is shoulder lengtht I figured would last me  for about 4/5 treatments. On their website they say you can leave it on between 10 and 90 minutes. In my case, while doing laundry and cleaning in my house, 60 minutes were enough. I followed the instructions carefully and once the time was up, I shampooed my hair with Kerastase then applied my favorite hair mask from Macadamia for 7 minutes.

My results with Olaplex: silky, smooth hair, no more dry ends, it seemed to be gone. I didn’t expect holy results but I was taked aback by its effectiveness and I would definetely buy it again.

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What do you think of Olaplex? Would you try it?

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