La Roche Posay - Effaclar line review

La roche posay effaclar review


Most of you will know my unconditional love for La Roche Posay products (you can read my review on the top 4 best products I love here )
It is about those products where the results creep up on you. There’s been times where I’ve been without it for a short period of time and I can see my skin condition slowly decline. Safe to say I don’t think I’ll be without the La Roche Posay Effaclar any time soon.
La roche posay effaclar review

1.Effaclar DUO (+)

This product doesn’t need an introduction.

You may already know from my instagram stories that I love it and had great results with it. Let me just say, it is really important to be consistent when using this product.

This product has been the only thing EVER to effectively clear my whiteheads and subsequently reduce the frequency of breakouts. It does not dry my skin out very much at all, but will not be as hydrating as a normal moisturiser. I like to use Bioderma Hydrabio Serum (my review here) in combination with this product.

La roche posay effaclar review


Effaclar purifying foaming gel

La roche posay effaclar review

Ok, La Roche Posay hands down for this product. I’ve been using it religiously for months and only this one.

As it says on the bottle it’s for oily sensitive skin.

I discoverd this cleanser when I received in my mail a few samples and ever since I was hooked with its effectiveness.

What I like about it is that a small amount goes a long way, a bottle lasted me 7 months. It does not have a fragrance (like other products I tried in the past) and it makes a lot of foam.

La roche posay effaclar review

What were your results with these products?

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