Melkior Nailpolish Review

melkior nailpolish

My love for nailpolish will never end and neither yours.

I discovered Melkior 2 years ago and since then I was hooked. You probably have seen on my Instagram stories me raving about their makeup, lipsticks, foundation and the best eyeliner I have ever tried in my life (MAC also has a good eyeliner).

They pretty have all the beauty products you need. Ok, focusing on nailpolish, these are like the four musketeers, seriously.

melkior nailpolish
melkior nailpolish

About Melkior nailpolish

The consistency wasn’t too thick or too thin, so the polish flowed pretty well across the nail.

It lasted me seven days and more if I didn’t have to clean the house.

What I really likes is that I didn’t have to layer on two coats of the shade to my desired level of opacity.

Another plus is that I didn’t wait extra-time for it to dry.

The polish as I said lasted me a week but the first four days without a single chip.

melkior nailpolish

What do you think about Melkior nailpolish?

Which one is your favorite colour?