Holy Grail Haircare Routine

Haircare Holy Grail

The biggest DIY is definetely dying your hair at home. Extreme hair color changes may require MULTIPLE processes, which are best left to a salon colorist who knows how to minimize damage. When I died my hair by myself (that’s why it’s best to document ourselves before) it lacked moisture, dullness so the best thing I did was to invest in quality shampoos, conditioners, serums that keep the hair moisturized. This post is dedicated to haircare and is not sponsored.

These are the products I absolutely swear by keep my hair strong, shiny, moisturized and healthy recommended by my hairstylist.

haircare holy grail

haircare holy grail

1.Nioxin Intensive Therapy Hair Booster

I use it twice a day. I use a few drops and massage it on my scalp. It makes my hair feel healthier and with consistent use it makes my hair stronger and reduces breakage. It’s made a huge difference on my hair.

2. Chi Silk Infusion and Pearl Complex

I absolutely love these products from Chi. I use them both on wet and dry hair. It works like a dream. I like to put a small amount in the palm of my hand and run it through my hair especially on the ends. I noticed if I apply too much, like any products, it may look greasy, which is not the result I’m looking for. Overall, these products are a must have before you dye the hair and also after.

3.Biosilk-Silk Therapy

I was introduced to this product early this year and ever since I used it religiously. I like to alternate but I always like to mix both Chi and Biosilk.

There you have it, my haircare routine. Do you guys have any tips on maintaing healthy hair? I’d love to hear from you.